Welcome to our

Agave Smoothing Treatment

info page!

We are super excited to have this available for you, the main thing that stands out for us is that it's almost completely plant based!

Unlike many other similar treatments out there, which have nasty chemicals like Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde derivatives in them. I'm not sure if you know this but they are carcinogens! Yuck!

Other cool things that we love are the humidity fighting after effects, being in Queensland we know all about that don't we. 

Ya just finish doing your hair, walk out the door and poof, why did we even bother.

"My hair stayed straight when I did it this morning! Normally with this Humidity it'd be fluffy again in 5mins"

"more than happy with the results, thanks very much!"


Who Can Use Agave?

It's great for all hair textures.

Can be used over previously chemically straightened hair and coloured hair.

CAN NOT be used over Henna.

You can still colour your hair! It is recommended to colour the hair after the treatment or 1 week before.

It can even be coloured the same day!!

Keratin Vs Agave?

The biggest difference is the chemicals often found in Keratin Smoothing Treatments. They often contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives.


With the right at home care you can expect it to last up to 12 weeks that's when you'll need to do it again.

However the great thing about this treatment is as time goes on, your hair will keep getting more and more smooth with each new application! ​​

What results to expect:

Iwould describe this treatment as taking the air or the guts out of the hair. It makes the hair more compacted, creating a smoother look and the Hair becomes much easier to style.

All hair types get different result these are examples of what to expect ​

Fine, wavy hair will achieve 90-100% Smooth results.


Medium-Coarse hair with a slight curl will achieve 90-100% reduced volume and 70-80% reduced curl.


Dry, Curly hair will achieve 50% reduced volume and 50-60% reduced curl