Restyle and Blowwave

Style Change


Ladies Style Cut


Ladies Cut & Blowwave

Shampoo, cut and style.


Mens Cut


Mens Clipper Cut


Child Under 5 years


Child Under 12 years


High School Students


Fringe Trim


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Balayage for Long Hair


Balayage for Medium Length Hair


Balayage for Short Hair


Roots Retouch


Up to 3cm regrowth

Global Colour - Short


Cropped Hair

Global Colour -Medium


Shoulder length

Global Colour - Long


Below the shoulder

Full Head Bleach -Short


Plus Toner

Full Head Bleach - Long


Plus Toner

1/4 Head Foils


Up to 25 foils

1/2 Head Foils


3/4 Head Foils


Regrowth application

Full Head Foils


Regrowth Application


from $28

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Hair Packages

Balayage, Toner, Cut and Blowwave - Long Hair


Balayage, Toner, Cut and Blowwave -Medium Length


Foilayage, Toner, Cut and Blowwave


Global Colour, Style Cut and Blowwave


1/4 Head Foils, Toner, Style Cut and Blowwave


1/2 Head Foils, Toner, Style Cut and Blowwave


Full Head Foils, Toner, Style Cut and Blowwave


Full head of Vivid Colour, Cut and Blowwave

from $313

Peek-a-boo Vivid Colours and Blowwave


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Colour Prices May change with your hair requirements if this is a concern please let your stylist know.


Tess Says

"...take the time to talk to your hairdresser and find out what is and isn't possible, within your budget and considering what is in your hair already. We don't like disappointing anyone which is why its important to have a realistic expectation from the start..."




Shampoo and style

Cloud 9 Straightening/Curls


Formal Hair

From $55

Price will vary based on the complexity of the up-do

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*All prices subject to change without notice

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