Choosing the right Shampoo

Having the correct Shampoo & Conditioner is super important, it's kind of like the primer. Without it, even if you have a great styling product, you will find it much harder to get your hair the way you want it. You must get a salon brand for a start, using something from the supermarket is more like washing your hair with dishwashing detergent. It has higher quality ingredients, it's more concentrated and it is infinitely more specialised to your hair care needs. Ask your hairdresser for advice! It is very easy to wrongly self diagnose, it's much more complex than you might think! For example not everyone with coloured hair can cope with or needs colour shampoo. (Makes my hair very greasy) It is our job to inform you what will be best for your hair, just like a beauty therapist knows skin care. - almost all salon shampoos and conditioners are colour safe so think about the condition of your hair first. (Dry, damaged, oily) - next think about your hair type (coarse, fine, thick, curly, straight) - don't be afraid to mix and match you shampoo with conditioner. Eg. For Dry chemically damaged hair you could match a protein based shampoo with a moisturising conditioner. Finally, I don't want to bore you, if your hair stops feeling great after awhile of using a shampoo, that means it's done it's job so change it to what your hair needs now.

If you're using a protein shampoo and conditioner and your hair feels crunchy, your hair has enough protein so change it! You can always alternate them so as not to waist it If you need some shampoo advice, ask away!


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