Making Your Nice Shampoo Last!


O.K so you now have the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and you have spent the money, now you need to know to get your moneys worth!

It's important to remember you Salon Shampoo and Conditioners are very consentrated so you need far less than your supermarket brands -forget that giant blob of Shampoo you're probably used to!


Less is more! An amount the size of a 20c piece is more than enough, use common sense if your hair is short or really fine use even less. Now spread it over your hands and massage into you roots only.

Don't worry about your ends as the shampoo rinses out it'll collect any dirt or product there.

If your Shampoo doesn't lather very much dont worry that just means its collected lots of dirt, so it's doing what its meant to! DO NOT add more Shampoo, just rinse and repeat.

Two small Shampoos works better than one big one!


You can use a little more here depending on the length and thickness of your hair but dont go overboard. 50c piece max.

Spread Conditioner over your hands and massage through your mid-lengths and ends only.

Don't worry about your roots, your natural oils from your scalp look after those.

I like to rinse at the end of my shower to give my conditioner time to absorb.

For Treatments at home do exactly the same as the conditioner. If you feel like treatments are a hassle do what I do, Shampoo and put in your treatment first thing when you get into the shower, leave in while you do everything else, rinse just before you get out. Simple and doesn't feel like an inconvenience any more!

If you follow these basic rules of thumb your posh Shampoo and Conditioner should last a couple of month if not longer.

And Keep your kids and even your men away from it!!!

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