Get the salon finish at home!

I question I have gotten a bit lately is: "How do I get my hair to look the same as when I leave the hairdressers?" So here's a couple of tips when blow drying your hair: Product: always use the correct product for the purpose, for smoothing use a smoothing product, volume use a volumising product etc. trust me it makes your job a whole lot easier than if you use none or the wrong one! Blow drying:

Always remember this: how your hair dries is how your hair will stay!

Eg. If you want your fringe to sit nice and flat don't start out by drying it upwards, always point your dryer in the direction you want for the end result. Down the length of hair for flat or smooth. If you don't do this you will be fighting to keep that fringe down all day and you will have loads more flyaways to deal with!

Step 1: Add your product by spreading over your hands then raking through your hair evenly, following the instructions of where to apply and the recommended amount to use.

Step 2: Comb into place. Part it where you want it parted today and comb your fringe into place.


Step 3: Blast dry until about 80% dry. Still following the rules of drying in the correct direction I mentioned earlier. I usually start with my roots (I'd recommend drying your roots completely if you can) and the mid-lengths and ends last.

Step 4: Get out your brush! Choose the right tools, paddle brushes are fab for straight, round brushes are harder to get the hang of but once you do they are amazing for creating movement. Or just use your fingers if you choose. Practise make perfect! Be patient with yourself! If you got to here you've already made your life a whole lot easier.


Step 5: Comb your hair and section it off into more manageable pieces away you go! I'm not going to try and tell you how to hold your brush, everyone's different and whatever works for you really. Just remember the basic rule of direction.

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