I love, love, love curls!

Today I was doing the hair of yet another person with curls who hates them, in my experience it is usually because the curl rules were never explained, this time was no different. So hair we go! Most importantly, find a hairdresser (me :-P) who can cut curls, so important as it helps curls sit nicely! For you at home... 1. Hydrating SALON Shampoo & Conditioner -curls need moisture! 2. A fabulous curl creme, RPR Make Me Curly is my fav 3. Shampoo, comb, scrunch in product, then DONT TOUCH. Touching =frizz. Leave to dry naturally out of wind. These rules really have changed lives, so give it a try!

Here is an old photo of mine which is a classic example of the difference it can make cutting curls properly. The before photo is your classic all one length (because after years of bad haircuts that's what people usually resort to -who can blame them!) The after photo is not only a cut that lets her curl sit naturally but the colour although it looks global is in fact BALAYAGE! I love this transformation, it brightens her up completely, and let me tell you she hasn't looked back

Curls before and after_edited.PNG

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