Hair Colour Disasters

Whether its one night out of boredom, a friend convinces you they can do it OR even worse you put your trust in the wrong hairdresser, hair disasters are AWFUL!

If you haven't quite got there yet and you are trying to decide whether you should or shouldn't do your own colour here are a few things to consider:

If you are thinking of putting a dark colour on already dark hair it is very unlikely this would go wrong.

BUT If you plan on doing any of the below, there is a high chance of things going wrong.

- You are very light and plan on applying a dark colour

- You are very dark trying to go light

- You are planning to apply bleach

Ask yourself this, how much am I willing to spend to correct it if it goes horribly wrong?

In the long run it might be cheaper just to get it done professionally in the first instance.

Also keep in mind, box colour is a one size fits all colour. As professionals when we go to fix hair with a box colour in it, we cannot predict what result we will get, this is because we don't know what is in it.

If you are post disaster, don't Panic!

Go straight to a hairdresser you can trust, someone you have been referred to or already know!

DO NOT try to fix it yourself! It will only make things worse.

If your hair is like cotton wool and feels like jelly I'm sorry to say your option is only to cut your hair, how much needs to come off depends on how far up the hair shaft the damage is.

If you choose not to trim off the damage, it will probably snap off anyway which will create frayed ends. Frayed ends split and your hair will continue to break and it will be frizzier.

Ask for advise about what you can do for your colour beyond this, every situation is different.

If your hair is NOT like cotton wool I would still recommend a trim to keep those ends healthy.

Here's a plan of action to restore as much of your hairs health as possible:

Getting your stylist to do an intensive treatment for you is a great kick start.

Get a Salon Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Most damaged: Biolage Repairinside sytem for severe damage (your hair is snapping!), it repairs the hair from the inside out.

Medium level of damage: Biolage Keratindose system for overprocessed hair (no elasticity, when you gently stretch a strand, does it bounce back?). This restores hairs strength and softness.

Low level damage: Biolage Fibrestrong sytem for chemically damaged hair. Increases hair strength.

Use your treatment a couple of times a week until you hair starts to feel better, then drop down to once a week.

Continue to protect your hair!

Your hair is most fragile when wet. Be realistic if you know you will only remember to use one product before drying, choose a product that will look after the hair throughout the styling process.

1 Shot+ by fudge is a brilliant leave in treatment with thermal protectant in it.

What ever you do if you are using heat on your hair -protect it! If you don't, you are undoing any progress you have made with you treatment!

Always remember, if in doubt ask a trusted professional first!

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